Module GapiOAuth2ServiceAccount

OAuth 2.0 authorization API implementation for service accounts.

val get_access_token : ?⁠url:string -> ?⁠assertion_timestamp:float -> ?⁠assertion_expiration:float -> ?⁠user_to_impersonate:string -> service_account_credentials_json:string -> scopes:string list -> GapiConversation.Session.t -> GapiAuthResponse.t * GapiConversation.Session.t

get_access_token path scopes: returns the access token for the service account. service_account_data_path is the path of the JSON file containing the account data (client id, private key, etc.), scopes is a list of the permissions that the application requests.

parameter url

URL of the auth endpoint (defaults to

parameter assertion_timestamp

The time (Unix Epoch) the assertion is issued (defaults to now).

parameter assertion_expiration

The time (Unix Epoch) the assertion expires (defaults to now + 1 hour).

parameter user_to_impersonate

Email of the user to impersonate (for G Suite domains).