Module GapiAuthResponse

module GapiAuthResponse: sig .. end
Stores data from authorization responses.

module ClientLogin: sig .. end
module OAuth1: sig .. end
module AuthSub: sig .. end
module OAuth2: sig .. end
type t = 
| ClientLoginAuthToken of ClientLogin.auth_token
| ClientLoginCaptcha of ClientLogin.captcha
| OAuth1RequestToken of OAuth1.request_token
| OAuth1AuthorizeToken of OAuth1.auth_token
| OAuth1GetAccessToken of OAuth1.access_token
| AuthSubTokenInfo of AuthSub.token_info
| OAuth2AuthCode of OAuth2.auth_code
| OAuth2AccessToken of OAuth2.access_token
val client_login_auth_token : (t, ClientLogin.auth_token option)
val client_login_captcha : (t, ClientLogin.captcha option) GapiLens.t
val oauth1_request_token : (t, OAuth1.request_token option) GapiLens.t
val oauth1_authorize_token : (t, OAuth1.auth_token option) GapiLens.t
val oauth1_get_access_token : (t, OAuth1.access_token option) GapiLens.t
val auth_sub_token_info : (t, AuthSub.token_info option) GapiLens.t
val oauth2_auth_code : (t, OAuth2.auth_code option) GapiLens.t
val oauth2_access_token : (t, OAuth2.access_token option) GapiLens.t